Dec. 11, 1877 Letter to Marion Talbot

Marion Talbot was a major figure in the women's rights movement. Higginson had contact with her for many years through his participation in numerous activities on behalf of women. In 1886 Talbot founded the American Association of University Women (AAUW), an organization of women college graduates that continues today. She was also a faculty member and Dean of Women at the University of Chicago. In Talbot's History of the American Association of University Women she acknowledges Higginson's encouragement and advice in building the AAUW. In this letter he recommends to Talbot several books about the classical world.

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My address is
Newport, R.I.

Dec. 11, 1877

Dear Miss Talbot

I am always glad
to be consulted on the
subject you name. I can
suggest a delightful book
in the style of Felton,
but more learned, called
History of the Manners
& Customs of Ancient

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Greece by St. John. It is
in three volumes, but so
well arranged that you
can easily select what
you want. Becker's
Chronicles is also a learned
book & gives in the form
of a narrative immense
stores of knowledge. A
smaller book than either
is Mahaffy's Social History
of Greece: it is much

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praised, but I have not read it.
Either of these can be found in
any large library.

Truly your friend

T.W. Higginson