Dec. 26, 1878. Postcard to John Dewitt Miller

This brief postcard message seems to reply to an inquiry about whether Higginson had received a pamphlet someone had sent. Higginson addressed the postcard to John Dewitt Miller, but no record of such a person has surfaced. However, Jahu Dewitt Miller (1857–1911) from rural New York was a well known lecturer and Chatatauqua personality. If the card is to this Jahu, he was only twenty-one at the time and would not have had the fame he later earned. It is possible that Higginson substituted the familiar name of "John" for the unfamiliar one of "Jahu," but this is uncertain.

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John Dewitt Miller, Esq. [unclear]
Cross River

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I cannot find it among my
historical pamphlets & do not
think it could have reached

T. W. Higginson

Cambridge, Mass.
Dec. 26, '78