Sept. 24, 1887

In 1887 Marion Talbot published Home Sanitation : A Manual for Housekeepers. The publisher was the Sanitary Science Club of the Association of Collegiate Alumnae, the organization that preceded the American Association of University Women, which she founded.

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Holden, Mass

Sept. 24, 1887

My dear Miss Marion

Thank you for
the little book, which seems
to be admirally executed —
It is a very good thing thus
to indicate the "practical"
advantage of higher education.

A [unclear] of it
Miss [Markhern] told us a
good story of her step mother, a
thorough New England housekeeper
wh considered in Atchison
Kas.rather ultra particular.
Several of the family had

Vertical text section added by author:

P. S. I wish I could write a direct notice of your book
in Harper's Bazar but they object to direct book-notices & I have to do it indirectly.

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fever & no one could tell why.
Physicians & plumbers looked
through the house in vain. At
last she herself went down
cellar with a lantern &
examined every inch of the wall.
At last she discovered where
a few drops oozed through &
following them up found a leak
in a drain pipe beyond.
That was mended & they had
no more fever.

Ever cordially

T. W. Higginson

P.S. Once at cambridge (a hired
house then) we had Dr. Walcott of
the Board of Health [try] in vain to
discover the source of a bad odor &
my wife's nurse found out that the cesspool
had overflowed.