Nov. 26, 1890 Letter to Marion Talbot

Marion Talbot, with whom Higginson had worked for several years on women's issues, would have been especially interested in a magazine about women in higher education. Talbot received her degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and later became head of the Department of Household Administration and Dean of Women at the University of Chicago. She is best known for her role in the founding of the American Association of University Women. Her opinion would have greatly influenced Higginson in deciding to write for the new magazine. Outlook was successful and continued for many years, and Higginson did publish in it.

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Nov. 26, 1890

Dear Miss Marion

Miss Emily
Bright of Cambridge had been
to see me about a plan for
a quarterly magazine, The
Outlook, in the interest of the
higher education of women.
Miss Margaret B. Dodge
seems interested with her
in the matter — both of

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Boston Univ. formerly. Do
you think well of the
project & that Miss Dodge
is a practical person? Miss
Bright says they are [unclear] of money
enough for one year's issue
without [unclear] or [unclear]
I will write something for
them if you think will of
the project, but if you
think it (or them) [unclear]
I had rather not

Ever cordially

T. W. Higginson