June 23, 1893 Letter to Thomas Niles

Thomas Niles was a well-known publisher for Roberts Brothers publishing houses from 1863–1894. Like Higginson, he is best known today for his role in publishing the poetry of Emily Dickinson. This letter refers to illustrations for a forthcoming book of poems by Higginson and his second wife, Mary Thacher Higginson. The collection, Such as They Are: Poems, appeared at the end of 1893. "The Anchored Dories" poem originally appeared in Harper's, as did several other poems she wrote.

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Dublin, N.H.

June 23, 1893

Dear Mr. Niles

What I meant by
"Photo," for the "Monk of Le Trappe"
was a reproduction of the photograph
often seen (of [unclear] or [unclear] I forget which.) with
the meditative monk leaning over
the convent parapet. I have the
photo at Cambridge. [unclear] [unclear]
th [unclear] & I cd. send it to you.

The "Anchored [unclear] "
will appear in an early Harper's
Mag. & Mr. Alden promised a
vignette, but it might be as
well to have a new one. We
used to see [unclear] or [unclear] in a [unclear]
from [unclear] [unclear] [unclear] at E. [unclear] .

I think a vignette
for each part might be well, the

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difficulty would be to hit upon the right

I should think 10 or 12
vignettes would be about right &
think that, on the whole, I should
rather have you pay for the book
& allow 10 [unclear] commition. You
expressed willingness to do this (though
I am not [unclear] of it included the
vignettes) and I think it wd.
[unclear] my vanity, as I [unclear] [unclear]
[unclear] plates before. But if you would
rather not, I will.

Yrs. ever

T. W. Higginson