July 31, 1893 Letter to Thomas Niles

Higginson sent the manuscript of poems he and his wife, Mary Thacher Higginson, had written for a book titled Such as They Are: Poems, which Thomas Niles was publishing. He reports to Niles that Harper's Magazine, where her poem "The Anchored Dories" has just recently appeared, has given permission to reprint the poem in the forthcoming book. The illustration in the Harper's was of a number of small anchored boats.

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Dublin N.H.

July 31, 1893

Dear Mr. Niles

Harpers write (July 28)
consenting to use "Anchored Doves" in
our vol. on condition that it shall
not appear before Nov. 1. This I
have accepted, as I suppose that this is
as early as is needful & we are
particularly anxious to include that poem
& illustration. The fact that it has
just appeared in Harper's & with a
full page illustration will help the volume
also. They offer to quote terms on
electrotype of that plat but I have
written that we already have one
which they certainly cannot have surpassed.

I send the MS. & pictures
by Express with this.

Yrs. Ever

T. W. Higginson