Oct. 8, 1893 Letter to Thomas Niles

Higginson continues his negotiations with publisher Thomas Niles for the collection of poetry, Such as They Are: Poems, which he and his wife, Mary Thacher Higginson, had written. The reference to the extra cost of a cover by Mr. Whitman suggests that the Higginsons were subsidizing the publication of the book.

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Oct. 8, 1893

Dear Mr. Niles

My wife & I
are fairly well pleased with the
cover. Of course it has not the
originality & charm of
of Mr. Whitman's covers, but
those would have to be paid for
especially & we have gone as
far as we can. We like the color

What would you think
of having a pine-tree or a
water lily (both of which appear
in the book) in place of the
merely conversational figure
in the vignette?

Yrs. Truly

T. W. Higginson

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