September 19, 1894 Postcard to Miss Louise Lawrence

Louis Lawrence's father was George P. Lawrence. It is possible that his middle name was "Pelton," but that has not been convincingly verified. George Pelton Lawrence in 1894 was elected to the Massachusetts senate where he served until 1897. From 1897–1913 he was a member of Congress. Other letters indicate that Higginson had known Louise Lawrence since she was a young girl. She may have been a friend of his daughter, Margaret.

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Miss Louise Lawrence
Care Maj. Geo. P. Lawrence
Bridgewater Mass.

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Louise Lawrence Dublin, New Hampshire September 19, 1894

Dublin, NH.

Sept 19. 1894

Dear Louise

What is your father's
middle name?

Yrs. affectionately

T. W. Higginson

Margaret is away playing tennis T.W. Higginson Dublin