Dec. 23, 1898 to Marion Talbot

This letter to Marion Talbot, the founder of the American Association of University Women, is but one of many indicating both their personal relationship and their professional work together in the activist associations on behalf of women's rights, and especially women's access to higher education, which was Talbot's leading cause.

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Dec. 23. 1898

Dear Marion

I am
so sorry to hear of your
mother's illness. I have
at last found Mr. Scott's
address & written to engage
him for Jan. 12th & if he
can come, will invite [unclear]
[unclear] & c. As to the [unclear]
I think Mrs. [unclear] wd.
be much better [unclear]
than Mrs. Whitney because
she "knows the ropes" besides
being very efficient; but
if you & your mother
prefer Mrs. Witney, I

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would write her. Perhaps
she wd. be better to plan
for houses than Mrs. B.
but for all she not or good
as she is in Brookline (I
suppose) & would not know
to well about speakers,
printing &.c. Tell me
what you think


T. W. Higginson