July 6, 1902 Letter to Mrs. Waugh

While on summer vacation in New Hampshire, Higginson was apparently asked for information about the Rev. John Norton which he was not able to look up in the books he had with him. There were several John Nortons who were ministers in New England, but this question is most likely about the Reverend John Norton who was author of a famous captivity narrative published in 1748 entitled, "The Redeemed Captive: being a narrative of the taking and carrying into captivity [of] the Reverend John Norton, when Fort Massachusetts surrendered to a large body of French and Indians, August 20th, 1746." Higginson can be forgiven for not having this title on the tip of his tongue while on vacation!

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Dublin, N.H.

July 6, 1902

Dear Mrs. Waugh

I am here
for the summer & with but few
books of reference, & that I
do not think I could possibly
look up the point you name.
Perhaps after our return in
October I may be able to do it
& will make a memorandum
about it.

Very truly yours

T. W. Higginson

P. S. you might search the
Cyclopedia under the head of
Norton Norton, John, Rev.