May 27, 1876 Letter to unknown recipient, "Dear Sir"

Higginson's letter asks permission to read from an unidentified letter he has received as part of his talk to the Free Religion Convention. He thanks this person for the comments on his Young Folks' History of the United States, which had come out in 1875. He refers to another book for children in the making. His A Book of American Explorers was published in 1877.

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Newport, R.I.

May 27, 1876

Dear Sir

Would you object
to my reading of some extracts
from yr. letter, at the
Free Rel. Conv. & [unclear]
printing part or the whole.
It is a valuable point of
view, — people are so apt to
think that more legislation
is always the panacea.

Thanks for what you
say [unclear] History. I hope yr.
boys will like my next "Y.F.
book of American Explorers"
selected from the old chronicles,
with notes.

Ever yrs.

T. W. Higginson