Unknown Date. Letter to Recipient "Dear Sir"

Higginson moved back to Cambridge in 1879. Higginson, Emerson, J. Elliot Cabot, and Franklin Benjamin Sanborn were all abolitionists and intellectuals. Several, perhaps all of them, were at one time members of the Town and Country Club of Boston where noted lecturers could have been heard. Like Higginson, Sanborn was also in Kansas in 1857–58 actively working to keep Kansas from becoming a slave state. Some of his letters to Higginson from this time are on line at http://www.territorialkansasonline.org.

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25 buckingham St
Cambridge, Mass.

Dear Sir

I have only com back
to live in Camb. within a few yrs.
after many years absence. I heard
some of the cause you mention,
by Mr. Emerson, but think it was
in Boston, or that one of them

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may have been heard by mehere.
Mr. J. Elliot Cabot of Brookline
or Mr. F.B. Sanborn of Concord
would be more likely than I
to know. [Those stuck] me as
next [unclear] lecture I
ever heard form him.

Very truly

T. W. Higginson